CALABAR – The Tourist city

Calabar is the capital of Cross River State, Nigeria. This tourist-friendly city has a fantastic museum and an excellent primate-conservation centre.  It is a popular stopover for travelers heading to Cameroon (See the contact details of good places and businesses in Calabar with pictures).

Calabar is a city of history, culture, and tourism. Situated on a natural hill overlooking the Calabar River. There is so much about this city for you to experience. To be in the thick of things when the fun climaxes in Calabar and to get the most out of your stay, visit in December.

Calabar is often described as the tourism capital of Nigeria. The city has an international museum, a botanical garden, a Free Trade Zone/Port, Tinapa Resort, an integrated sports stadium complex, a cultural centre, a slave history park and several historical and cultural landmarks (See addresses of recreational/fun places to visit in Calabar).

With the exposure of the city of the wider world, more relaxation centres have emerged including Marina Resort, Atlantis Lounge and the most popular being Tinapa, the biggest free Trade Zone in West Africa. For cool sea breeze, many visit Toturga Island to enjoy its quiet serenity, perhaps after a long day at the Calabar Festival parade (See addresses of Lounges/nightclubs in Calabar).

It also has several standard hotels, resorts and amusement parks (See addresses, phone numbers, and room rates of hotels in Calabar).

The University of Calabar (1975), a college of technology, a teacher-training college, and numerous secondary schools are located in Calabar (See addresses of schools in Calabar).

There are two great markets, Watt Market and Marian market (See addresses and phone number of places to shop in Calabar).

There are several car transportation companies, servicing Calabar from all parts of Nigeria including the major cities of Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja,Yola. They include ABC Transport, the Young Shall Grow, Elim Tours Etc (See addresses and phone number of bus parks in Calabar), (See transportation rates for travelling to major Nigeria cities from Calabar).

The Magaret Ekpo International Airport. Some major airlines that travel to Calabar include Arik Air, Air Peace, MedView, and Dana.

The Calabar Carnival generally is known to be the largest street cultural festival in Africa. The carnival is organised annually, usually in the month of December. Usually graced by thousands of visitors and guests from all parts of the world.

The city, being a coastal one, enjoys an abundance of fresh seafood from prawns, to fish, and crabs. Numerous restaurants offer catfish pepper soup, visit the  Bogobiri Corner, or you may go to Freddie’s Restaurant, a local eatery with Lebanese delicacies. You can also get palm wine, local beer, wines and all sorts of drinks. If you prefer Chinese cuisine, there is a Chinese restaurant at Mirage Hotel (See addresses of restaurants in Calabar).

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