Calabar – Shopping

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Big Qua Shopping Complex

Big Qua Road, Oqua St, Calabar

Tinapa Shopping Mall


Calabar Mall

Calabar Cultural Centre, Calabar

CannonBall Supermarket, Calabar

Murtala Mohammed Hwy, Calabar

Rabana Supermarket

3, Army Junction, Calabar Municipal


34, Target by Nelson Mandela Road. Calabar

Mfon Ekpe Cellphone And Gadget

6, Etonko Street, Calabar Municipal, Calabar Municipal



43, Mariam Road, Calabar

Pameks Electronics

146, Old Odukpani Road, Calabar Municipal


A And I Electronics

107, Old Odukpani Road, Calabar Municipal


A3 Electronics

379, Murtala Mohammed Highway, 8th Mile, Calabar Municipal


Lee Prime Electronics

40, Ndidem Usang Iso Road, Calabar Municipal


Ashwest Services Limited

Metrocipital Petrol Station, Calabar Municipal


Sammy Electronics

88, Essien Town Street, Calabar Municipal


Ononogbo Guinea & Bros

48 Nidem Usang Iso Road. Calabar

Sales | Mattress | Pillow | Furnishing | Home Shopping

Janny West Resources

18 Chamley Street, Calabar

Sales | Mattress | Pillow | Furnishing | Home Shopping

Sky Galaxy Limited

6, Effanga Effanga Close, Calabar Municipa

Sparks Shop

49, Ettta-Agbor, Ikot Road, Calabar Municipal

Blensowen Hair Cosmetics

19 ,Otu Ansa Street, Calabar Municipal

Esdy Kiddies

11, Ekong Etta Street, Calabar Municipal

Babies Shop

1, Old Odukapni Road, Calabar Municipal

Children's Variety And Mother Care Shop

4, Old Trade Fair Road, Marian Market, Calabar Municipal

Biesoy Fruit, Wine, And Spirit Shop

Road 6, Calabar Municipal

Esstacy Wining Moments Limited

25, Mutala Mohammed High Way, Calabar Municipal

Ellas Park Wine Shop

50, Edidem Usang Iso Road, Along Mariam Road, Calabar Municipal

Peace Book Stores

UNICAL Small Gate, Calabar Municipal

Book Surplus

32, Ndidem Usang-Iso Road, Marian Market, Calabar Municipal

Cra Superior Bookshop

1, Hewett Street, Calabar, Calabar Municipal

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