Transport Fare – Maiduguri

 Average transport fare by road from Maiduguri:
Updated: 28/01/2021

From To Average Cost
Maiduguri Aba 17,039
Maiduguri Abeokuta 20,470
Maiduguri Abuja 11,077
Maiduguri Akure 17,733
Maiduguri Asaba 15,960
Maiduguri Awka 15,240
Maiduguri Benin 16,962
Maiduguri Calabar 16,744
Maiduguri Enugu 14,688
Maiduguri Ibadan 18,119
Maiduguri Jos 7,505
Maiduguri Kaduna 10,473
Maiduguri Kano 7,582
Maiduguri Lagos 20,638
Maiduguri Lokoja 14,881
Maiduguri Nnewi 15,742
Maiduguri Nsukka 14,135
Maiduguri Onitsha 15,767
Maiduguri Owerri 16,487
Maiduguri Port Harcourt 17,682
Maiduguri Sokoto 13,801
Maiduguri Uyo 17,232
Maiduguri Warri 18,093
Maiduguri Yenagoa 18,106
Maiduguri Yola 5,217


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