Transport Fare – Yenagoa

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 Average transport fare by road from Yenagoa:

From To Average cost
Yenagoa Abuja ₦8,892
Yenagoa Asaba ₦3,200
Yenagoa Awka ₦3,084
Yenagoa Akure ₦5,320
Yenagoa Benin ₦2,956
Yenagoa Calabar ₦4,382
Yenagoa Enugu ₦3,482
Yenagoa Ibadan ₦6,836
Yenagoa Kaduna ₦10,743
Yenagoa Lagos ₦7,170
Yenagoa Nnewi ₦2,532
Yenagoa Owerri ₦1,632
Yenagoa Port Harcourt ₦1,516
Yenagoa Uyo ₦3,315
Yenagoa Aba ₦2,159
Yenagoa Apapa ₦7,312
Yenagoa Abeokuta ₦7,003
Yenagoa Jos ₦10,473
Yenagoa Kano ₦13,724
Yenagoa Lokoja ₦6,194
Yenagoa Maiduguri ₦17,913
Yenagoa Onitsha ₦2,686
Yenagoa Sokoto ₦16,667
Yenagoa Warri ₦1,786
Yenagoa Yola ₦13,146

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